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PREPARATION (parts by weight):

Potassium perchlorate0.460
Aluminum (bright)0.230
Aluminum (flitters)0.230

Roll ordinary 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper around a 5/8" diameter wooden dowel to form 8.5" long tubes (secure the end with tape). Moisten the composition until it just sticks together when squeezed. Using the dowel, press the composition, in small increments, into the tube. Leave a 1/2" space at the top for a starting mix. It is important that the tube burn away with the mixture, so don't pack the composition into thick cardboard tubes, just "roll your own" from sheets of paper as described. For a starting mixture, we use a blend of 75% waterfall mix and 25% black powder. Add just a little bit of water to it and press the mixture into the 1/2" space at the top of the waterfall tube. After these tubes dry (several days), hang them upside down from a long wire and light them all at once either electrically or with quickmatch. The bright white sparks will fall over 20 feet, producing a great waterfall effect.