• Zip Ties

    A fast, easy, inexpensive, and effective way to connect fuses. You can chain your finale or entire show together by connecting all the fuses from the fireworks to a single-length fuse. Light one fuse, then sit back and watch the show!

    1 Quantity = 100 ties 

    • $3.00
  • Zip Tie Gun

    Let this tool do the work for you! It precisely tightens and cuts zip ties in one easy squeeze. 

    • $19.99
    • 6
  • Talon Igniters

    Talon Igniters are your safe and 100% reliable alternative to a conventional electric match. They work with virtually all firing systems and come in the following prepackaged configurations: 

    1 Meter - 10 igniters/pack
    2 Meter - 6 igniters/pack
    3 Meter - 6 igniters/pack
    4 Meter - 5 igniters/pack
    5 Meter - 4 igniters/pack 

    See Videos for details, information, and helpful tips.

    • $5.29
    • $6.19
  • Saturn Missile Tubes

    Molded plastic missile tubes. Select from two sizes!

    1 Quantity ≈

    169 tubes

    91 tubes

    Approximate Attributes

    Inside Diameter:
    2 1/4"2"
    Outside Diameter:
    GreenRed (ish)

    • $2.05
    • $2.65
  • Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape

    High-grade Kraft paper tape reinforced with strong fiberglass yarns. Water-activated adhesive.

    Approximate Attributes
    Width: 3"
    Length: 375 feet or 900 feet

    • $19.99
    • $29.99
  • Pull Start Fire

    Pull Start Fire makes starting your fire easier than ever before. Just follow three simple steps (instructions included on packaging), and enjoy a fire that burns for 30-40 minutes on its own, up to 2.5 times hotter than other leading brands! No matches? Wet logs? Howling winds? No problem! Pull Start Fire will work in all these conditions. Order a couple to toss in your backpack or bug out bag. 

    See Videos for details, information, and helpful tips.

    • $4.99
    • 1
    Out of stock
  • Paper Tape Dispenser

    This dispenser is heavy built and will (probably) last forever! It moistens the tape well, maintains even tension, and its serrated blade cuts both regular and reinforced Kraft tape with ease. Adjustable for tape widths 1" - 3" and holds rolls up to 7" in diameter

    Approximate Attributes
    Length: 14 1/4"
    Height: 6"
    Width: 6 1/4"

    • $175.00
    • 57
  • Mystical Fire

    Each package of Mystical Fire will change the color of the flames of any wood-burning fire for up to one hour. Simply toss 1-3 (unopened) packages into your wood-burning fire, and watch as the colorful flames come to life! The more you use, the more mystical it looks.

    1 Quantity = 1 package

    See Videos to watch it in action.

    • $1.50
  • Military Trip Wire

    We all know how useful Trip Wire can be...and now you have two options to choose from at one low price!

    Approximate Attributes & Features
    Trip Wire 3-pack:
    Length: 3 rolls of 25 ft each - 75 ft total

    Diameter: 0.0181" annealed wire

    Kevlar Trip Wire:
    Length: 2 rolls of 85 ft each - 170 ft total
    -Multi-filament silicon-coated Kevlar
    -Breaking strength exceeds 84 lbs

    • $14.99
    • 4
  • Fuse ConneX

    The easy, safe way to connect your home or commercial firework display. This simple device will easily transfer fire through a network of fuses. You now only have to light one fuse and sit back and enjoy the show!

    1 Quantity = 10 Fuse ConneX

    PLEASE NOTE: Fuse ConneX will NOT work well with Slow Cannon Fuse or American Visco Fuse due to their heavy lacquer coatings.

    See Videos and/or More Info for details, information, and helpful tips.

    • $4.00
    • 1
  • Funnel (1/4")

    This tiny funnel helps make bottle rocket construction much easier!
    It's small enough to fit inside 1/4" tubes, but large enough to allow finely ground black powder to easily pass through. 

    Approximate Attributes
    Diameter: 1 1/4"
    Height: 1 1/2"

    PLEASE NOTE: These funnels are small and difficult to see. Double check your package's packing materials

    • $1.00
  • Firewire VISCO Initiators

    These NEW Firewire Visco Initiators differ from regular Firewire Initiators in that rather than having a protective cap on the end, they have a small tube that helps concentrate the initiator's fire directly at the end of the fuse it is meant to light.

    1 Quantity = 10 initiators

    PLEASE NOTE: The end of the initiator and the fuse SHOULD NOT touch inside the tube.

    See Videos for details, information, and helpful tips

    • $8.75
    • $11.75
  • Firewire Initiators

    Firewire Initiators are the first non-regulated electric match. They contain a composition similar to pyrogen igniters, but are safer and less hazardous. They can be shipped via USPS Ground and are a great alternative to Talon igniters.

    1 Quantity = 10 initiators

    See Videos for details, information, and helpful tips

    • $8.25
    • $13.25
  • Cup Sets (1")

    1 Quantity ≈ 50 sets (100 pcs) 

    Approximate Attributes
    Outside Diameter: 1"
    Cup Depth: 3/4"

    • $9.99
    • 3
  • 12 Gauge Trip Alarm Fuse Igniter

    The 12 Gauge Trip Alarm Fuse Igniter is a versatile perimeter alarm made from high grade 6061 Aluminum and iodized in forest green. It also comes with our exclusive 209 fuse igniter. There's no need for expensive 12 Gauge blanks; just insert a 209 shotgun primer into the adapter, string the desired fuse through the holes, hook the fuse to a pack of firecrackers, and your alarm is ready to go! 

    See Videos for details, information, and helpful tips.

    • $35.00
    • 11