Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a wealth of information related to common customer questions. If you don't find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.
If you are over 18 years old, fuse is legal to buy, have shipped to you, and possess in all 50 states. Fuse is not considered "fireworks." It is, however, the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of the laws, statutes, regulations, etc. regarding fireworks in their state.
Everything we carry is listed on the website, and unless it displays as unavailable, it is in stock. replies to 100% of the e-mails we receive. Our first priority is getting orders shipped; our second is answering e-mails. We may not respond immediately, but we will respond!
Sure thing! We'll gladly include free samples with any paid order. Just tell us in the Comments box during checkout what item(s) you would like to sample (please be specific), and we'll include it with your order. Please note that some items can't be sampled (tools, ball mills, etc).
Fortunately, we don't have to count tubes and plugs by hand (but sometimes we do, just to be thorough!). We have highly accurate machines and scales that we use to weigh out bulk orders. Of course, the scales are not always perfectly accurate, so we try to always include a few extras to ensure your order includes the quantities you pay for.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship outside the USA. The United States Government and our shipping service both restrict our sales to within the United States.
We can ship everything we sell to all 50 states.
We don't set the shipping costs; the USPS does, based usually on distance. Simply put, the further away you are from us, the more postage you will pay (the distance is not measured in miles, it's measured in "zones" determined by the USPS).

Conveniently enough, the shopping cart will calculate shipping costs for you prior to completion of checkout. Simply add the items to the cart, view your cart, and "Estimate Shipping Cost.”
When it comes to shipping fuse or novelty fireworks, there is only one viable option and that is USPS Retail Ground (Parcel Select). Fuse and novelty fireworks are considered hazardous materials and are not allowed on commercial planes. They must travel by "ground" only (or by boat).
We do not control the United States Postal Service, nor can we account for any unforeseen circumstances that may account for delays. Packages containing fuse or other "hazardous materials" typically take 5-9 business days to most western states; all eastern states typically take up to 15 business days. Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can take 2-8 weeks (business days). Please note that "business days," means Monday-Friday. Again, we cannot stress enough that these are approximations and delivery could take longer! Also remember that situations sometimes arise that could delay delivery. Postal carriers are human, too.
You will automatically receive e-mails informing you of the progress of your order status as it changes. However, we also strongly encourage creating a user account, so you can log in and check the status of your order(s) at your convenience.
Most orders are shipped the same or next day of payment, but sometimes it takes longer. We do our best to ship everything as fast as possible. Please keep in mind that we don't process orders (and most mail doesn't move, anyway) on Sundays.
Yes, every package has a tracking number, which is sent to you once your order has shipped. You can also log in to your account to view your package status and tracking information at any time.
The USPS system hasn't been updated; wait a while and check again.
This is a common misconception people have when they see the shipping total for their order! Shipping costs are calculated by the individual carriers (United States Postal Service, UPS, etc.), not by us. However, if you think you are being overcharged and you want to check the rate for yourself, you can do so with the USPS Postage Calculator.

1. Enter 59834 in the "FROM" ZIP code box.
2. Enter YOUR shipping ZIP code in the "TO" ZIP code box.
If your order contains fuse, check the boxes next to "Hazardous Materials” and "Requires Ground Transportation."
3. Click the rightmost icon, "Calculate price based on Shape and Size."
4. Enter your cart weight plus 3 oz (we add 3oz to every cart to account for the box and packaging materials).
5. Click the third icon, "Package," to view the available rates.
- Add $.50 to the cost of a Retail Ground or First Class price.
- Add $1.00 to the cost of a Priority Mail price.
PLEASE NOTE: We rarely, if ever, use Flate Rate Priority boxes. Fuse CANNOT travel via Priority Mail, most other items do not fit in these boxes, and they're often more expensive.
Mail doesn't just sit. Typically, when a tracking status shows "In Transit..." it means your package is still moving and simply hasn't been scanned at the next location yet. has no control over the speed of the delivery process. Please remember that fuse can only be sent via Retail Ground (USPS Parcel Post), so it can sometimes take longer than regular mail. Rest assured, everything always shows up - eventually!

We don't/can't accept phone orders. It is safer, faster, and significantly easier to place your order via the website. Just add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, and proceed with the checkout process. That being said, don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues.
CannonFuse. Be sure to either print out your invoice or include your order number on the memo line.
Your credit card information is never recorded by our system. Instead, a special "token" - for use only in this store - is saved by our payment processor. The token instructs payment processor to use a credit card but it doesn't contain any of your credit card details. Thus, using a card (or even saving one to your account for future use) is not only secure; it's convenient!
Yes, but we don't pay for the return shipping, we don't refund the original shipping, and there may be up to a 15% restocking fee, depending on the reason for the return.
If you need to return or exchange an item due to an error on our part, just contact us and we'll take care of you.