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  • 4-in-1 LED Magnetic Flashlight
    • 20% off

    4-in-1 LED Magnetic Flashlight

    This flashlight may be small, but it's also efficient and serves as multiple tools in one!

    Approximate Attributes & Features
    Length: 4"
    -4 lighting options: white LED flashlight, lantern mode, red lantern mode, and red flasher mode

    -Lightweight aluminum
    -Magnetic base
    -Pocket clip
    Requires one (1) AA battery (included)

    • $4.79
  • Odd-Sized Tubes
    • 30% off

    Odd-Sized Tubes

    These tubes are very similar to our Missile Tubes, they just have a couple of slight differences. They're discontinued, and they've got to go! Grab them for a steal while they last!

    1 Quantity = 50 tubes

    Approximate Attributes
    Inside Diameter: 23/32 (0.716)"
    Length: 4" or 6"
    Wall Thickness: (4") = 1/17 (0.060)" or (6") = 5/64 (0.090)"
    Outside Diameter: (4") = 13/16" or (6") = 7/8" 

    Tube Color: Red/White/Blue Spiral

    • $5.57
    • $13.97
  • UGLY Trip Wire
    • 50% off

    UGLY Trip Wire

    The same trip wire you know and love, only with (purely cosmetic) defects.

    Each of the 4 mini spools contain about 40' of wire for a total of approximately 160' of wire in 2 natural colors (yellow and green), accented by small spots of rust. 

    • $3.99
    Out of stock
  • American Visco Scraps by the Pound
    • 37% off

    American Visco Scraps by the Pound

    CannonFuse.com goes through an enormous amount of American Visco Fuse, which means we end up with a lot of short rolls, spool ends, and random cuts. But it's perfectly good fuse, so we've bagged it up a pound at a time and offer it to you at a steal! That's right: approximately $39.80 worth of fuse for only $24.99! 


    1 Quantity = (approximately) 200 feet/1 lb

    • $24.99
    Out of stock