• UGLY Trip Wire
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    UGLY Trip Wire

    The same trip wire you know and love, only with (purely cosmetic) defects.

    Each of the 4 mini spools contain about 40' of wire for a total of approximately 160' of wire in 2 natural colors (yellow and green), accented by small spots of rust. 

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  • UGLY Fuse

    This is where you'll find all the fuse that isn't pretty enough to sell at full price.

    Like any other retailer, we at CannonFuse.com receive our fair share of products that have seen better days by the time they arrive at our door. The difference is that no matter how "ugly" our occasional "UGLY Fuse" is, it typically always burns the same, which, we know, is what most of you really care about! If you don't have a problem with cosmetic defects like discoloration, peeling, or sticking, you can snag a pretty good deal on some of our most popular types of fuses!

    In addition to cosmetic issues, some of our rolls of UGLY Fuse could be of multiple lengths, be undersized, and/or have kinks or sticking in a few places. The whole roll isn't bad, just a portion of it. The bottom line is that none of it is unusable or unsafe; it's just not good enough to be sold for full price.   

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  • Mini LED Flashlight

    This LED flashlight may be small, but it's also efficient and is suitable for many different purposes!

    Approximate Attributes & Features
    Length: 3 1/2 - 4" (extends to adjust focal length)

    Color: Black
    -Convex lens

    -Lightweight aluminum alloy
    -Pocket clip
    Requires one (1) AA battery (NOT included)

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  • FireFly Power Plate

    Save yourself the trouble of lugging around 8 D-size batteries with this Lithium Ion rechargeable Power Plate for the Firefly Plus! The Firefly Power Plate improves ignition by supplying more power to the coils, and you can have peace of mind knowing you have a full battery charge.

    Not only will the Power Plate save you money, it will add convenience and significantly improve your Firefly's performance. 

    The Plate simply screws to the the bottom of your Firefly Plus, taking the place of the existing Battery Cover. Once installed, simply plug in to charge the Power Plate whenever you need it. A fully charged plate will provide approximately 1,000 ignitions (but you can recharge it at any time). 

    See Description to download User Manual and FAQ.

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  • FireFly Multiclip & Cables

    Powerful, reliable, adaptable, and reusable!
    Multiclips feature a new and improved ignition coil that provides superior power and ensures that your fireworks will launch exactly when you need them to, every time! The cables are essential for expanding your show!

    Compatible with FireFly Plus and FireFly Mini wireless firing systems only. 

    3 Meter - 5 multiclips & cables/pack
    5 Meter - 5 multiclips & cables/pack

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  • Firefly Mini: 5 Cue Wireless Fireworks Firing System
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    Firefly Mini: 5 Cue Wireless Fireworks Firing System

    All the features and power of the FireFly Plus, packed in a small and affordable space
    - Range of over 250 ft, with high range of expandability

    - Includes (5) 3 ft cables 

    See Description to download User Manual and FAQ.

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  • FireFly 15 Cue Upgraded WiFi Fireworks Firing System
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    FireFly 15 Cue Upgraded WiFi Fireworks Firing System

    All the benefits of the Firefly Plus at a lower price!
    The 2020 15-Cue System is absolutely equal in tech to the Firefly Plus. It consists of the original Firefly Casing with an upgraded 2.0 circuit board and antenna so you can pair via WiFi to your Apple or Android mobile device (no Internet connection is required). This give it a signal range of up to 300ft! WiFi mesh technology allows you to command multiple systems in the field simultaneously. Compatible with Firefly Plus and Firefly Mini. 

    Get the power and flexibility (often found only in expensive alternatives such as the Cobra Firing System) at an even more affordable price than the other remote firing systems on the market!

    See Description to download User Manual and FAQ.

    Works with a FREE mobile application!

    Box includes:
    (1) upgraded firing module
    (8) 1 Meter (original) reusable connection cables with igniter clips
    (7) 3 Meter (original) reusable connection cables with igniter clips

    We recommend: the NEW 5m Titan Multiclips (also upgraded!) 

    PLEASE NOTE: The FireFly 15-Cue requires (8) D size Duracell batteries (not included) or the rechargeable FireFly Power Plate to operate.

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  • American Visco Scraps by the Pound
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    American Visco Scraps by the Pound

    CannonFuse.com goes through an enormous amount of American Visco Fuse, which means we end up with a lot of short rolls, spool ends, and random cuts. But it's perfectly good fuse, so we've bagged it up a pound at a time and offer it to you at a steal! That's right: approximately $39.80 worth of fuse for only $24.99! 


    1 Quantity = (approximately) 200 feet/1 lb

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  • 250 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight

    This 250 lumen flashlight is small, efficient, and super bright! And never mind the hassle of batteries, it's rechargeable!

    Approximate Attributes & Features
    Length: 3 1/2"

    Color: Black, Rose Pink, or Silver
    -Aluminum body

    -3-stage switch: 100% brightness, 50% brightness, and strobe
    -2-3 hour run timeLightweight aluminum alloy
    -Built-in 400mAHm14500 battery; 4 hour recharge time (Micro USB cable included)
    Requires one (1) AA battery (NOT included)

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