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FACEBOOK - The official Facebook page

PYRO CHEM SOURCE - The best place on the net to buy pyrotechnic chemicals 

POWDER VALLEY INC - Cannon Grade Black Powder

RECOIL MAGAZINE - Great magazine with a lot of useful information.

ARMY SURPLUS WAREHOUSE - For all things Army Surplus (and then some!) 

MODEL ROCKET MAINTENANCE & TECHNOLOGY - Great resource for model rocketry 

PYROTECHNIC BOOKS - Pyrotechnic books by Jered Ledgard 

GREY-STAR CANNON TECHNOLOGIES - Makers of 1/3 and 1/2 scale Civil War Era cannons 

MLR DISTRIBUTING - 26.5 and 37 mm reloadables and custom accessories 

DETONATION FILMS - Amateur film and special effects 

SURVIVAL OPS - Tannerite exploding targets and more 

UNITED NUCLEAR - Scientific equipment and supplies  

AMERICAN CANNONS - Golf ball launchers 

NAKKA ROCKETRY - Very good/informative rocketry page 

SPUDFILES - Spud guns 

AMERICAN SPECIALTY AMMO - 37 mm and 12g specialty ammo & big boy toy store 

GRAF & SONS - Mail order black powder, Pyrodex, and more 

POWDER, INC. - Extensive selection of black powder 

PYRO-ALUMINUM  - Top-quality dark flake aluminum

VIKING FUNERAL SHIPS  - A funeral well remembered