This collection of pyrotechnic information has been gathered from various sources and combined to form a useful database for everyone to use.

Currently, it contains lists of: the most important safety rules in pyrotechnics, the most common pyrotechnic chemicals and what they do, and incompatible pyrotechnic chemicals. Also included are over 800 pyrotechnic formulas for every type and color of flame, spark, and smoke, as well as every possible whistling, banging, sparking, whizzing, and crackling pyrotechnic effect you could possibly think of.

There is so much information here that we can't even begin to list all of it!

This page is provided for informational purposes only. The authors, contributors, and editors do not advocate the use of anything described in this database, and accept no responsibility for any harm that might occur as a result of acting on any of the information contained herein. Although a good faith effort has been made to ensure the validity of the information contained here, no guarantees or assurances of accuracy are provided by anyone.