Problems with the fuse supply began in late 2019 with an explosion at a fireworks factory in Liuyang, China. This caused a complete shutdown of all Chinese fuse factories, which means no fuse was being produced, and that which was already made wasn't moving. Shortly after this, the pandemic was declared and all of China, including import/export, shut down completely. For the entirety of 2020, there were no shipments of fuse or fireworks from China. When China finally did reopen and exports began to flow, the sheer volume of products far exceeded what containers were available as well as the capacity the container ships could handle. Additionally, this severe shortage of shipping containers in an environment of high demand nearly tripled the cost of shipping. And once shipping containers did begin moving, they encountered vast delays both in transit and at the receiving ports, due to overloading and being shorthanded as a result of COVID-19. 

What all this means is that the fuse we ordered from China couldn't ship when we needed it to, then couldn't ship at all, then was delayed in transport, and then was delayed on arrival. All while costs of the product, storage, and shipping skyrocketed!


The problem has compounded even further. A fuse shortage of this magnitude coupled with a demand this high is something we've never encountered before. Not only have we been worried and anxious that we would be unable to procure any fuse at all, but we've been frustrated at not being able to supply you, our customers. Fortunately, we're not entirely new to the game. We're one of the longest-standing companies in this business, and have spent years cultivating healthy relationships with our fuse manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. From the onset of the events that began this crisis back in 2019, we worked those relationships, doing everything in our power to get our hands on any fuse available to be able to supply our customers.


At the risk of being heavy-handed, we cannot stress this next part enough:


Proper planning means you save time and money and your show doesn't suffer at all for it. Proper planning means you don't have to buy more than you need; you need only to buy the correct variety of speeds to be able to fuse your show according to your plan! We also strongly suggest purchasing a firing system, as this can also eliminate the need for extra fuse, as well as save you time in setting everything up. 

Unfortunately, because our supply of fuse is limited, some limits will have to be passed on to our customers. We want as many people as possible to have the chance at putting together an epic backyard fireworks show, which is why the quantity limits are in place. Nobody likes a hoarder, and chances are storing a whole bunch of fireworks fuse in your basement next to your lifetime supply of toilet paper probably isn't a great idea. Please be considerate and don't try to circumvent these limits. We'll be forced to cancel/refund the additional orders, and then everyone is even grumpier.

Furthermore, it is with great regret that due to only getting a portion of our original order, we are unable to fulfill any wholesale orders at this time. If and when we are able to do so, we will send out an email informing you of what is available. The purchase limits we have set in place are to protect our retail customers; please do not attempt to circumvent these limits.


By failing to plan, we're planning to fail. RIGHT NOW is the time to get started. We're not saying you need to buy as much as possible, but it would be smart to get what you need while product is still available. If you haven't already purchased your fireworks, we would suggest contacting your distributor and making those arrangements.

Once you have planned what fireworks you'll be purchasing and the kind of show you want, decide what fuse speeds and how much you will need. Taking the time to put together a proper plan will undoubtedly save time in every other area, especially implementation. We're really excited to share some of our ideas and offer additional resources on how to have a quality fireworks show using the least amount of fuse possible (while not diminishing the quality of your show) - these informational materials will be available very soon!

Together, we can get through this and have the best 4th of July ever! All of our friends, our neighbors, and the country need to celebrate our independence this year more than any other. WE know you're a backyard legend, but do your friends? Do your neighbors? Imagine stepping out the morning of July 5th to the approving nods and compliments of neighbors passing by. YOU put that skip in their step. YOU put that glimmer in their eye. YOU filled countless hearts with hope and inspiration. And they'll be talking about it for years to come. So plan your show. Save time, save money, and still put on a fireworks show so mind-blowing that the next morning, you're not just a backyard legend, but a front porch hero.  


We're committed to helping our guests however we can.  
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We may not respond immediately, but we will respond.