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Go Getters are essentially rocket-propelled stars. They are used in an aerial shell or in the head of a rocket and when ignited, they burn with a brilliant color (brilliant because the formula contains magnesium powder) and shoot across the sky. Lit on the ground or in the air, they will fly off in a random direction with their bright tail fire. The magnesium in this formula will not degrade because of the unique solvent used.


COMMENTS: When lit, these will burn with a brilliant colored flame and shoot off in a random direction. Be very careful if you light one on the ground. It can launch in an unpredictable direction, and with its burning hot magnesium flame, ignite whatever it lands on.   
PREPARATION (parts by weight):

Barium nitrate0.440
Potassium perchlorate0.040
Magnesium powder0.110
Red gum0.030
Boric acid0.030

The chemicals are first finely powered (if they are lumpy or coarse crystals), then mixed well together.
For the next step, you'll need a small squeeze bottle, similar to those plastic squeeze ketchup bottles you find in a restaurant. Take the mixed formula and slowly add acetone (while mixing) until it has the consistency of pancake batter. The acetone will melt the parlon in the mixture, making it plastic and gooey. Be sure to test the squeeze bottle you are going to use first by putting some acetone in it. Acetone will also melt many plastics, so make sure your squeeze bottle isn't going to melt too. The melted parlon in the mixtures will also coat the magnesium powder and prevent it from degrading. The parlon here not only binds the mixture together, but it boosts the color of the flame by providing chlorine to the burning mixture.
Next, stand some M-80 tubes up-ended on a sheet of aluminum foil. Pump the mixture into them until they are about 80% full. If they are to be used in shells or rocket heads, insert a piece of black match (that's quickmatch with the outside paper removed) all the way to the bottom, leaving about 1" sticking out the top. You can also insert a piece of Visco Safety Fuse, but the ignition delay will be longer. Let them dry for 3 to 4 days.