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SOURCE: rec.pyrotechnics

COMMENTS: This composition burns very quickly and explosively if one doesn't pay extreme attention to the diameter of the sparkler. It is found that if the composition is thinner than 1.8 mm, the propagation stops. If the diameter is more than 2.0 mm, the burn rate is too fast, sending sparks all the way down to the ground. Another severe problem is keeping the ingredients mixed in the suspension. The titanium has a very strong tendency of ending up in the bottom of the test tube, creating a plug. Yet another problem is that after the first dipping and subsequent drying, the second (and last) dipping has to be performed very, very quickly, or the first dipping is spoiled; the bound dextrin is redissolved. Using coarser perchlorate, finer titanium, and making the dipping mixture thicker (by using less solvent) may solve these problems.

PREPARATION (parts by weight):

Potassium perchlorate0.470